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We are a nonprofit organization that is raising funds to help with the day to day operation of various orphanages. We are currently raising funds for the orphanage NIABER located in Bamako, Mali. With the funds we will be purchasing formula, milk, food, diapers, clothes, shoes, cribs and beds.

The orphanage NIABER is doing the best they can. Please join us in helping improve the life of those orphans. Niaber Orphanage is looking for any help they can get. Donations and sponsorships are appreciated. Niaber Orphanage is receiving new born babies, kids from parents who died. They are receiving handicapped children, and kids from destitute parents that has no means to care for their kids. By providing shelter and all the kids needs Niaber Orphanage is saving a lots of lives. With your generous donations we will be helping financially with the day to day operation of this orphanage. 

The time has come to make a difference in the world. We are making a big difference.

Thank you for your contribution.
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Thank you for your donations to help the NIABER Orphanage Bamako, Mali.

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