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Souda Spiritual Advisor, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Card reader, Counselor, Feng Shuai.   

As a Clairsentient, Souda is  a psychic who can feel the physical feelings or sensations of others. 
A clairvoyant psychic activates a "third eye" to retrieve information from the astral realm. It's the equivalent of our physical eyes, but it sees things that have happened in the past or could happen in the future.
The two most common and informative ways of accessing information's from higher realms, are clairvoyance and clairaudience, the senses of "clear seeing" and "clear hearing." Souda includes these two methods when talking to her on the telephone. 

Souda' s Worlds© is a spiritual  advising  and  fine art company created by Artist / Spiritual Advisor Souda.                     Souda channels her arts creations.  She uses different medias, primarily drawing ( pastel, charcoal, ink, crayon and pencil) , painting (oil, watercolors and sand) . Sculptures (clay  and sand) .                                                                                                       Soudasworlds©  art creations are a fusion of different worlds she experienced.  
Souda's background is constantly expressed in art.  Indeed, Souda was born and raised in  Switzerland; during her  teenage years she moved to Bamako, Mali and then in her twenties Souda moved to the U S A , where she currently lives.                                                In Mali, she attended  The National Institute of Fine Arts . 

                                                                 Artist Statement

Souda  is inspired by spiritual beauty.  She is a medium between the spirit world and this one.     
Not haven had a classical education in sculptures, she thought herself  how to sand-sculpt.  Souda's techniques  have no rules and no boundaries and she has a wild sense of getting the essence of her subject. She uses her own methods that she makes up as she goes, but, yet she is very classical in her execution  that is reminiscent of the renaissance years.  She attributes her talents to God. God only, a great gift of  God.  Being in constant communication with the spirit world; via visions and dreams, she constantly sees what to do  and how to do it. Not afraid of  work, she always pushes and surpasses her limits.  Her goal is to bring as much of spiritual and mystical beauty to this world as she possibly can. 

"A dream is a goal achieved " . The time has come to make a difference in the world.

We have created "Souda Helpers" to make a lasting change in the world.  Please join us on our mission.
​Souda Helpers Foundation is a non profit organization. Its goal is to raise funds, and provide the proper support to ensure the operation and  maintenance of these orphanages. Your support and generosity will enable us to  provide theses babies and toddlers with basic needs. It is our mission to  improve the lives of these children.

Our Mission is to raise funds. To help with the daily operation of various Orphanages, by providing  funds, nutrition, clothing, foot wear, furniture and  the material that is needed to care for new born babies and kids. Together, we are working to create a day when no children die from preventable cause and every child has a safe and healthy childhood, while being protected from harm. Giving those orphans a real chance to grow up in dignity and integrity. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donations will fund our mission. We appreciate your donations. 

Raising Funds for NIABER OPHONAGE located at Sebeninkoro, in Bamako Mali. 


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